Grand Marsh , WI

The datalogger has been set up

Data files will be posted here as they are dowloaded - most recent file at the TOP of the list

To download file, RIGHT click on file name and choose "Save link as"

Updated: June 28, 2012

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  Dates Included

Daily Data (no RH)

Hourly Relative Humidity Data

Grand Marsh Temperature/RH sensor malfunctioning - use data from Hancock to estimate P-Days and Severity Values until it is repaired and new data files are posted here
Grand Marsh Aug 3 - Aug 4 85MAR2.DAT 85MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 29 - Aug 2 83MAR2.DAT 83MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 27 - July 28 729MAR2.DAT 729MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 25 - July 26 727MAR2.DAT 727MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 22 - July 24 725MAR2.DAT 725MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 20 - July 21 722MAR2.DAT 722MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 18 - July 19 720MAR2.DAT 720MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 15 - July 17 718MAR2.DAT 718MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 13 - July 14 715MAR2.DAT 715MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 11 - July 12 713MAR2.DAT 713MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 8 - July 10 711MAR2.DAT 711MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 4 - July 7 78MAR2.DAT 78MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh July 1 - July 3 74MAR2.DAT 74MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 29 - June 30 71MAR2.DAT 71MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 27 - June 28 629MAR2.DAT 629MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 24 - June 26 627MAR2.DAT 627MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 22 - June 23 624MAR2.DAT 624MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 20 - June 21 622MAR2.DAT 622MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 16 - June 19 620MAR2.DAT 620MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 13 - June 15 616MAR2.DAT 616MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 9 - June 12 613MAR2.DAT 613MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 7 - June 8 69MAR2.DAT 69MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh June 1 - June 6 67MAR2.DAT 67MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh May 26 - May 31 61MAR2.DAT 61MARRH.DAT
Grand Marsh May 24 - May 25 526MAR2.DAT 526MARRH.DAT

Files contain data as it is downloaded (usually a 2-3 day period).  

Data files are named for the date of download.  

Downloading all files for one location (both daily and hourly RH) will give you the complete weather data set that we have for that location to date.

  • Data should be in correct format to download and import  into WISDOM.
  • All files can be downloaded at one time and then imported in WISDOM. 
  • For each location, daily data should be imported into WISDOM first, then hourly data. 
  • The files are likely to go by default to the directory where your internet browser is located. 
  • The file name to look for on your machine after downloading is listed in the right column for each file type.
  • Rainfall and irrigation - Rainfall and irrigation are not distinguished in the weather data we collect from these locations (both will appear in the "Rain" column when data are imported to WISDOM)

Detailed instructions about downloading weather data and importing it into Wisdom