Click on the links to download weather data from any of our 4 weather stations

Updated: January 13, 2012

Dataloggers to collect weather data are located near:

Files will generally be updated every 2-3 days during the growing season

If you are using SureHarvest (RealToolbox), weather downloading is automated from WITHIN the program

Notes about WISDOM

Weather Data Archives

Downloading all files for one location (both daily and hourly RH) will give you the complete weather data set that we have for that location to date.

  • Data should be in correct format to download and import  into WISDOM.
  • All files can be downloaded at one time and then imported in WISDOM. 
  • For each location, daily data should be imported into WISDOM first, then hourly data. 
  • The files are likely to go by default to the directory where your internet browser is located. 
  • The file name to look for on your machine after downloading is listed in the right column for each file type.
  • Rainfall and irrigation - Rainfall and irrigation are not distinguished in the weather data we collect from these locations (both will appear in the "Rain" column when data are imported to WISDOM)

Detailed instructions about downloading weather data and importing it into Wisdom


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