Brown Patch

Brown patch affects all species of turfgrass, but is especially destructive on creeping bentgrass. It is prevalent in late summer, reaching high levels of severity in hot and humid weather.

Pathogen - Rhizoctonia solani (teleomorph = Thanatephorus cucumeris)
- Fungus belonging to the phylum Basidiomycota
- Fast growing
- Right angle (T) branching pattern
- Septa near point of branching
- Constriction of hyphae near point of origin
- No spores
- Growth range = 77-95ºF, with an optimum
  temperature of 95ºF


- Circular blighted patches ranging from several inches to several feet in diameter
- Tan lesions expand to involve a major portion of the leaf
- Blades maintain orignal shape, but have a dried out appearance
- Pathogen attacks roots, but more often the leaves and shoots

Control Measures

- Keep low nitrogen levels in soil
- Maintain good air circulation
- Chemical controls: Bayleton, Duosan, Mancozeb, etc.