updated - 10 April, 2011

PCR-based Protocols for Detection of Markers Linked to Resistance Loci in Tomato Germplasm

(protocols developed at University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Contact: dpmax (at) plantpath.wisc.edu


 Resistance to Root-Knot Nematode (Mi-1.2 gene, chromosome 6)

Co-dominant SCAR marker, Mi23

SCAR marker for Mi-1.2 gene (primers PM3Fb/Rb)

Begomvirus-Resistance Loci

Ty-1 locus -- chromosome 6, about 6-10 cM

Introduction: the Ty-1 locus

Protocol I -- P6-8.5 CAPS marker at TG97

Protocol II -- P6-6 co-dominant SCAR marker, ca. 6 cM

Protocol III -- Mi23 CAPS marker, ca. 6 cM

Protocol IV -- CT21 marker, Perez de Castro et al., JB-1 CAPS marker

REX-1 marker, ca. 5.5 cM

Ty-3 locus -- chromosome 6, about 20-26 cM

Co-dominant SCAR marker, FLUW-25, 25 cM (detects, ty-3 and Ty-3 alleles)

Co-dominant SCAR marker, P6-25, 25 cM (detects, ty-3, Ty-3 and Ty-3a alleles)

Co-dominant SCAR marker, P6-25, 25 cM (detects, ty-3, Ty-3, Ty-3a, and Ty-3b alleles)

FER-G8 CAPS marker, 25 cM (detects the ty-1, Ty-3 and Ty-3a alleles)


Ty-2 locus -- chromosome 11, about 89 cM

Co-dominant SCAR marker, (89 cM marker developed from TG0302 RFLP marker)


Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 2 (I-2 gene, chrosomome 11)


Begomovirus Resistance Loci




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