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Sponsored by the Middle East Regional Cooperation (MERC) Program/US Agency for International Development

The MERC Program funds collaborative research projects between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Established as a result of the Camp David Peace Accords to promote Arab-Israeli cooperation, MERC has expanded beyond its original participants, Egypt and Israel, to include institutions throughout the region. To date, the program has also funded activities with participation from Jordan, Morocco, West Bank/Gaza, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The dual goals of the MERC Program are:

1) To contribute to development and improvement of the quality of life in the Middle East Region through the application of research and technology.

2) To contribute to the Peace Process in the Middle East through the establishment of cooperative relationships, which will last beyond the life of the project. MERC funds cooperative technical projects in the areas of agriculture, health, environment, economics, and engineering. Awards are based on technical merit and the contribution to peace and development in the region. In this regard, genuine Arab-Israeli cooperation and regional significance are key elements of all MERC projects.

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